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  1.   Possible Bid for Nielsen 'Tomorrow' ***  
  2.   Kantar to Launch DIY Research Marketplace *  
  3.   Dynata Buys Reimagine *  
  4.   Dynata Hires EVP Product Development, and Reshuffles *  
  5.   Sorrell Repays WPP £170k Expenses  
  6.   SAP Completes Qualtrics Acquisition  
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MRMW Europe 2019

17/6/19 - 19/6/19

MRMW - Powering the Future of Insight Automation. MRMW is designed and crafted for consumer insight, analytics and market research professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

MRMW is one of the most engaging & unique consumer insight conference where each participant takes centre stage. The conference focuses on each individual's need through our unique matching programme, client focused agenda and content quality control through our advisory board and client partners. Discover the research that led to some of the world's most iconic market research breakthroughs and connect with fellow market research experts and executives from different industries. Join us on June 17-19 in Amsterdam. Reserve your seat now! For full details, please visit eu.mrmw.net

The Venue

Hotel Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Taurusavenue 12, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands


$1,314.95 / Main Conference + Masterclass: EUR 1,250 / Main Conference: EUR 1,095