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A comprehensive guide to market research and to the MR industry worldwide today
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Check out the latest writing about trends, technologies and techniques in MR. There are now three Ts up and running - mobile surveys / data; big data, data mining and BI; and online communities.

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Market Research Language specialists.
Language Connect provides 24/7 specialist translation services to the Market Research sector, enabling clients to get research and feedback programmes to market quicker, in multiple languages and across multiple geographies.
Language solutions and insight

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A maximum of 4 companies appear in this category - to appear you must be a well-established specialist supplier of translation services for the research industry, known to us. Contact MrWeb for packages and prices.

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MrWeb's searchable index of training courses and webinars is growing here from 2017. This service is free of charge for one-off events, with licences for multiple postings costing £100 - £200 or $150 - $300 per annum.

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