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  6.   SAP Completes Qualtrics Acquisition  
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Event details

QUAL360 Europe 2019

15/5/19 - 16/5/19

QUAL360, the go-to event for qualitative researchers, is back in Amsterdam! Europe's most engaging and innovative qualitative research conference will take place on May 15-16, 2019.

This year, QUAL360 Europe 2019 will continue to inspire you with a stellar line-up of qualitative researchers, creative thinkers, and top-notch consumer insights professionals who will help you uncover unique strategies and methodologies for delivering authentic insight.

Join experts from Formula 1, Givaudan, Sky Media, British American Tobacco, Booking.com, PernodRicard, Alpro, Mast-Jagermeister and many more for two days of talks, discussions, workshops and of course networking!

For full details, please visit eu.qual360.com

The Venue

Hotel Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Taurusavenue 12, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands


EUR 995