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iCITE Debuts Buzz Tracker

April 27 2010

UK brand communication research consultancy i to i research has rolled out a new tool called iCITE, to track brands and issues online.

Tracy HubbardCombining Internet search/aggregator and analysis tools with in-depth human analysis and interpretation of online 'conversations', iCITE tracks messages, sentiment and communities either retrospectively or in real-time.

Not only does the tool determine what has been said about a brand online, it can also pinpoint where the message has been broadcast, and how it has been said (measuring positivity, negativity or neutrality). Additionally, the tool can assess who has broadcast the message by establishing what kind of communities they belong to.

'Online communities are increasingly vocal, active and influential and organisations need to know what is being said by whom about their brands in the online space,' says Research Director Tracy Hubbard. 'Only then can organisations and brands start to engage with target audiences, build relationships, increase positivity and address any negativity.'

iCITE joins the firm's other proprietary research tools, such as the i to i tracker, which isolates the effect of PR activity - within a communication mix - on attitudes and behaviours.

Web site: www.itoiresearch.com .

All articles 2006-18 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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