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BuzzNumbers Adds Location Feature

July 9 2010
In Australia, online media analytics firm BuzzNumbers has upgraded its Buzz platform, to help businesses track what is being said about their brand and where conversations are taking place.

Nick Holmes a CourtPowered by the firmís patent pending location technology, the new BuzzV8 social media monitoring tool can be used to analyse online brand conversations by country, state, city and suburb.

Founder and CEO Nick Holmes a Court says that the tool can be used - for example - to see if customers in Brisbane are discussing price in a positive way compared with Sydney customers who are more negative about service and customer support.

The Bondi Junction-based firmís SaaS solution offers online monitoring, reporting and analytics to track conversation topic, sentiment and geographic location. Real-time data coverage and instant web research is gathered from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, as well as more than 10,000 news sites, more than 500 million blogs, all major Australian Forums, and over 15,000 global forums.

Holmes a Court says Australian businesses that use social media can use the tool to track relevant conversations across a range of settings. ĎWhere traditionally you would have needed to commission time-consuming, expensive market research to understand this type of data, BuzzNumbers and social media put these insights at your finger tips instantly,í he adds.

Web site: www.buzznumbershq.com .