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M/A/R/C Taps MOBI for Mass Online Opinion Analysis

September 2 2010

In the US, M/A/R/C Research has partnered with sentiment analysis specialist WiseWindow to use the latter's MOBI (Mass Opinion Business Intelligence) web measurement technology.

Merrill DubrowMOBI uses a newly created and patented solution involving cloud computing, web site crawling, relevance recognition and statistical natural language analysis, to convert the millions of unsolicited opinions expressed online into data for businesses. Its 'Domain Discovery' technology promises to find and analyze all opinions about an industry and returns related opinions without the aid of any pre-supposed keywords.

M/A/R/C says it will use MOBI as a tool to help companies learn everything that is being said about them, their products and their industry online. 'M/A/R/C and WiseWindow are a logical fit,' says M/A/R/C President and CEO Merrill Dubrow. 'With millions of comments on the web every month, we truly believe this partnership will allow our clients to understand what those comments mean.'

Web sites: www.marcresearch.com and www.wisewindow.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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