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Upgrade for Social Radar

March 11 2011
In the US, Infegy has unveiled the latest version of its social media monitoring and analytics platform, Social Radar, combining detailed sentiment analysis from more than 40 million web sources with a rich user interface and improved usability.

Social Radar 3 is a cloud-based application which adds enhanced analytics tools and improved usability to earlier versions, and can be integrated into any enterprise system, the firm says.

Enhanced features include ‘near-instantaneous search results and analytics reporting’ from the last four years of online ‘chatter’; customizable, graphically rich ‘drag and drop’ dashboards and reports; language, country and sentiment filters; elimination of spam content; flat-rate, subscription-based pricing; and a flexible, web services-based API.

CEO and founder Justin Graves says Social Radar 3 meets ‘an increasing and, until now, unmet market demand’, adding: ‘Infegy and Social Radar are now poised for massive growth and record-setting adoption rates.’

Founded in 2007, Infegy is online at www.infegy.com .