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New US Service Matches TV Habits and Online Chat

August 18 2011

In the US, social media monitoring specialist General Sentiment has launched 'TV Brand Match' - a solution matching the brands and topics people discuss online with the TV programs or networks they watch.

Greg ArtztThe firm's patent pending technology pinpoints viewers of TV shows who advocate for brands and products, or just talk actively about certain topic areas such as music, food, automobiles, smartphones etc.

The firm says that by analyzing the number of people who are both TV viewers and brand advocates, it is able to deduce the best brand matches for any TV program, or network.

TV Brand Match allows a user to search by choosing either a network and corresponding TV show, or an industry, brand and product. They will then be able to view possible matches based on ranked recommendations for a specific show or brand based on fans' common interests and online activity.

CEO and co-founder Greg Artzt claims that existing survey-based studies like Simmons and MRI are too slow, too expensive and have too small a sample. 'Understanding the size or demographics of a TV audience is only half the battle; the other half is understanding what these viewers actually care about,' Artz states. 'General Sentiment's TV Brand Match will soon be a necessary component of every single television media purchasing negotiation.'

Web site: www.generalsentiment.com .

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