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SAY Media Tracks Down 'Live TV Avoiders'

December 6 2011

Social media engagement firm SAY Media has introduced 'Off the Grid' - a proprietary advertising solution designed to enable brands to reach those US consumers who have stopped watching live TV because of their changing media consumption habits.

Matt RosenbergIn the last year, SAY has conducted two research programs designed to understand this changing behavior. The first found that a third of the online adult population (approximately 56 million people) had either stopped watching TV live or watched most of their video programming on a platform other than live TV; and the second found that 88% of those watching programming through a DVR were skipping at least three quarters of the ads.

Then, through a partnership with audience measurement and targeting firm Quantcast, the firm surveyed thousands of people on its network to find markers of live TV avoidance, creating a profile of this audience's web behavior, and identifying others in the network whose specific behaviors mirror that profile.

Matt Rosenberg, VP of Solutions at SAY Media, comments: 'Advertisers have known for some time that they are leaving a vast swath of their audience out of their communications reach. We have taken our learning from two deep studies into this behavior and created an efficient path for advertisers to re-engage with that missing third of their consumers.'

Web sites: www.saymedia.com and www.quantcast.com .

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