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Cortera Launches B2B Purchase Insights

August 15 2012

B2B purchase data and insights provider Cortera has launched a solution called B2B Purchase Insights, to provide users with information about what their customers and prospects buy, how they pay, and how their purchase and payment behavior changes over time.

Jim SwiftFrom its offices in Boca Raton, FL; Boston and Quincy Massachusetts, and Bangalore, India, Cortera tracks $1.6 billion in B2B purchases across 45 categories, and delivers insights on 20 million businesses and business partners.

Its new tool has been developed to enable companies to track active and potential customers' purchasing history and spending patterns, to make predictions on what they are likely to purchase in the future, and understand the risks associated with their ability to pay for those purchases.

CEO Jim Swift (pictured) states that purchasing behavior is a more accurate way of measuring the overall size, health, growth and future behavior of businesses than traditional methods, which are based on what he describes as 'less reliable' demographic information and payment history.

Web site: www.cortera.com .

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