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DIY Analytics Firm Origami Logic Raises $9.3m

November 16 2012
In the US, Origami Logic - which offers a self-service visual marketing analytics platform - has raised $9.3m in Series A financing, which it plans to use to expand its engineering team and accelerate development of its product.

Ofer ShakedMenlo Park, CA-based Origami was founded by CEO Opher Kahane and CTO Ofer Shaked, who along with VP of Product Alon Amit, bring together decades of experience working for firms such as Yahoo!, Facebook, Google and Juniper Networks, as well as for the Israeli Intelligence service.

The firm, which is planning to launch its product early next year, combines data visualization, big data analytics and other data science technologies to enable clients to extract and analyze data from their social media, mobile, web, search, display and e-mail campaigns.

Its financing comes from Accel Partners' Big Data Fund, along with Lightspeed Ventures Partners and other investors.

Shaked (pictured) comments: ‘The complexity, diversity and fragmentation of modern marketing and customer data requires a new approach to integrate, analyze and interact with the data, without requiring custom IT projects or an army of data science PhDs. Our mission is to deliver marketers the required out-of-the-box simplicity by applying state-of-the-art big data analytics, data science and visualization technologies.’

Web site: www.origamilogic.com .