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Nielsen Rolls Out Online Brand Effect in UK

December 13 2012
Nielsen has rolled out its real-time ad measurement and optimisation tool Online Brand Effect in the UK.

Claudia PardoThe system, which is also available in the US and Australia, uses ‘brand lift’ metrics - improvements in awareness, attitude, favourability, purchase intent or preference - to quantify the ‘resonance’ of branded ads.

It also identifies which attributes of an ad are driving performance, including creative execution, site delivery and impact of frequency of exposure. This is all done in real-time, to enable users to optimise and make changes ‘in flight’.

The launch follows the company’s acquisition of ad campaign optimisation technology firm Vizu in July, and complements the October UK launch of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which measures the ability of online ad campaigns to reach their intended audiences.

Claudia Pardo (pictured), Nielsen European Lead for Advertising Solutions, comments: ‘Online Campaign Ratings has been launched to measure reach, frequency and GRPs for online campaigns of any size; Online Brand Effect has been launched to measure resonance. The combination of these two solutions now allows advertisers, publishers and agencies to understand if they are reaching their intended audience with the right message, and to optimise in real-time, all within a single suite.’

Web site: www.nielsen.com .