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nViso and Sands Combine Face and Brain Analytics

March 18 2013

Facial imaging specialist nViso and US-based neuroscience firm Sands Research are to combine their software on a single platform and service offering. Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

nViso and Sands Combine Face and Brain AnalyticsLausanne, Switzerland-based nViso uses proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology and analytical techniques based on theoretical work by Dr. Paul Ekman, which demonstrates that emotions can be precisely recognized by minor changes in micro-expressions in the face. Sands, whose headquarters is in Texas, provides EEG and eye-tracking market research and analysis and says it will begin offering 3D Facial Imaging analysis immediately.

According to Dr. Stephen Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer, the partnership will capture 'the broadest spectrum of neurological responses currently available in the market'. Sands says nViso's software 'leads the market in its ability to capture instantaneous subtle and nuanced emotions missed by subjective hand scoring performed by manual facial coding and other software based approaches.' Added to Sands' time-synced brain measurement and eye-tracking data, this will give a 'powerful millisecond-by-millisecond, frame-by-frame understanding of the participant's response to media, product innovation and packaging.'

nViso CEO Tim Llewellynn comments: 'Sands Research is a recognized leader in the field of neuromarketing and we are excited to work together to provide new unique insights into consumer behavior.' He adds: 'The field of consumer neuroscience continues to break new ground in understanding the non-conscious, emotional underpinnings of the purchase process.'

The partners' web sites are at www.sandsresearch.com and www.nviso.ch .

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