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EFI Debuts POS Print Ad Analytics Service

July 5 2013
Digital print and imaging specialist EFI has introduced a system called SmartSign Analytics (SSA), to enable retailers to measure which point-of-sale print ads have performed best at reaching a targeted demographic in a specific location.

Mark McGowanBased in Silicon Valley, with offices around the globe, EFI offers a portfolio of products which includes production workflow, web to print, and business automation software. The launch of SSA marks the firm’s move into the sign and display analysis sector.

An SSA unit includes a webcam attached to a sign, connected to a computer or tablet running facial recognition software, and EFI's proprietary SSA software. The system detects the presence of people within viewing range and determines which of them are actually viewing a sign. Eye-tracking tools attached to the system allow it to calculate how much time is spent viewing signage, and through facial pattern algorithms, the system then assigns a gender and age range to each viewer.

According to Mark McGowan (pictured), Director of EFI’s Online Print Solutions products, companies could use the technology to test different designs prior to launching a campaign, to analyse the ROI on events such as trade shows, or to identify which signage locations at sites such as airports attract specific demographics.

McGowan comments: ‘Print can drive relevance, revenue and profit in the age of big data, and this technology shows how that will happen with signage. SSA has the potential to provide unprecedented insights on the best strategies and execution to drive retail sales.’

SSA will be available from August.

Web site: www.efi.com .