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Engage and Bonamy Finch Debut Evaluation Tool

September 19 2013

UK MR agencies Engage Research and Bonamy Finch have partnered to introduce a proprietary approach called 'EvolveScope', through which brands can evaluate new ideas, claims or packs prior to launch.

Lyndsay PeckThe new process combines the MaxDiff technique, which is used to obtain preference scores across multiple items; and TURF, a statistical analysis method used to understand the potential reach of a range of claims or products.

A short, 'gamified' questionnaire invites respondents to provide feedback on a number of possible options, and asks them to indicate which are the most and least appealing, and which they would buy. The firms say results provide brands with insights and directions on a range of business decisions from early innovation through to product and range optimisation.

Engage's Lyndsay Peck explains: 'EvolveScope allows us to advise clients on what should be in their range. It features detailed diagnostics for each idea, claim or pack and enables us to 'range make' by identifying the optimum range, claims, or pack formats.'

Web sites: www.engage-research.co.uk and www.bonamyfinch.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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