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Innerscope Unveils 'Sensus' Measurement Kiosk

January 23 2014

Biometric measurement specialist Innerscope Research has launched a standalone neuroscience kiosk called Sensus, to provide marketers with a cost-effective way to gain insights into consumers' conscious and non-conscious attitudes and emotions.

Stand Up and be counted... the new Innerscope kioskThe firm is based in Boston, MA and combines neuroscience and biometrics techniques with its own proprietary software, to measure and analyze audience engagement with any media stimulus. Its new Sensus kiosk (pictured) uses the firm's patented algorithms to measure emotional engagement via the integration of biometric sensors - such as skin conductance, heart rate, respiration and motion - along with solutions to collect and measure eye tracking, facial coding and self-report data, enabling clients to see where consumers are directing their visual attention, what types of emotions they are expressing, and the depths of those emotional responses. After the test is complete, participants take a short survey which captures their traditional attitudinal responses.

CEO Bill Moult comments: 'Sensus presents marketers with unprecedented access into consumer attitudes, attention and emotion. By more completely understanding their consumers, marketers can better predict behavior, thereby enabling them to tie media and marketing research directly to financial results.'

The kiosks are currently available for studies in Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Los Angeles; and testing can be conducted in select malls and movie theaters. Additional national and international markets are scheduled to be available in 2014, including New York City where a Sensus kiosk will be available at the Time Warner Medialab.

Web site: www.innerscope.com .

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