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Firms Launch Virtual Store Eye Tracker

September 2 2014
Paper-based packaging company Smurfit Kappa and eye tracking specialist EyeSee have partnered to launch a new online tool, through which brand owners can test and understand the impact of shelf-ready packaging (SRP) in a virtual store environment.

Firms Launch Virtual Packaging Eye TrackerThe tool visualises packaging on a virtual supermarket shelf, and collates eye tracking results via a webcam, enabling brand owners to gather insights from large numbers of shoppers, as well as from particular segments of shoppers. All research is carried out online in a virtual environment during the early stages of packaging development and design, which the firms say means that brand owners can get their shelf-ready packaging design right before they launch it.

Full analysis of results is returned within a week, including information about the extent to which the product stood out, was remembered, and raised shopper curiosity in the product on the shelf.

Commenting on the initiative, Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa’s VP of Marketing, Research and Development, said: ‘This provides our customers with the deepest insights in the industry, to ensure they achieve the best possible packaging designs to help increase sales. We are still in the initial phases of our partnership with EyeSee and are excited to be rolling this out with key customers in the coming months at our new customer experience centres.’

Web sites: www.smurfitkappa.com and www.eyesee-research.com .