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Creston Announces 'Unlimited' Brand

November 18 2014
Marcoms holding company Creston plc has created a new umbrella brand called Creston Unlimited, adding the suffix to the names of all its group companies including ICM and Marketing Sciences.

Barrie BrienCreston Unlimited brings together a range of integrated technology, brand and consultancy services from the group's advertising, PR, social media and digital marketing, and research and insight agencies. The company says the new name 'signifies a common creative philosophy and the capability to work together as one'.

The insight companies, now ICM Unlimited and Marketing Sciences Unlimited, will continue to operate as standalone businesses.

Creston CEO Barrie Brien (pictured), comments: ‘We’re offering a new way of thinking and working; a new approach. We’ve created an environment where strategists, creatives, producers, storytellers, researchers, and technologists can easily and effectively collaborate, unconstrained by traditional ways of working.’

Creston plc is the holding company for Creston Unlimited and all group companies, and its name remains unchanged. Web sites: www.creston.com and www.creston-unlimited.com .