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Verve Adds iBeacon Tech to Panel App

March 5 2015

London-based online community specialist Verve has added Apple's iBeacon technology to its Community Panel app, allowing it to track individual members as they travel into and around stores fitted with the iBeacon device.

Lock onto those Jimmy Choos...When a Verve Community Panel member enters a client's store, their Verve app detects the in-store iBeacons and the member's exact location, down to aisle level. This data can then be used to trigger a range of activities such as preloaded surveys on their mobile devices based on where they are/have been in the store, how long they remained in a given area, and the journey they have taken through the store.

As Verve also hold members' purchase behaviour for many of their retail clients, it is also possible to link the journey taken with actual purchase data - or non-purchase, in the case of abandoned journeys.

Verve director Georgina Botting comments: 'iBeacon technology, teamed with our research app and purchase data, opens up a huge number of opportunities for our retail clients. It allows us to conduct shopper research that is not only more accurate and more scalable than current methodologies, but that is also far more cost-effective and quick to interpret, making high quality shopper research much more widely accessible.'

Web site: www.addverve.com .

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