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Cintell Rolls Out 'SmartPersonas' Platform

June 24 2015
Boston, US-based SaaS company Cintell has rolled out a cloud-based customer intelligence platform allowing businesses to create, manage and share digital models of ideal customers, otherwise known as 'SmartPersonas'.

Apparao KarriAt the heart of the new platform is the firm's Cintelligence proprietary analytics model, which combines primary research, big data insights and actual user behavior. This allows businesses to capture and analyse voice-of-customer, add third-party data, validate the resulting insights, and publish live, digital SmartPersonas across their organizations.

Users can then draw on the insights contained within the SmartPersonas for use in sales and marketing activities. CEO and co-founder Apparao Karri (pictured) says his company’s mission is to create a 'customer-centric world' by helping companies understand their buyers.

Web site: www.cintell.net .