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Toluna Launches 'Mobile Member App'

September 2 2015

Online community and survey technology provider Toluna has introduced the 'Mobile Member App', allowing users to participate in surveys while on the move, and post their own questions to the firm's community of nearly nine million members.

Swipe left... swipe rightCommunity members can use the app to post comments and converse, in addition to taking polls and MR surveys. The tool integrates with Toluna.com, while using the current 'swipe left, swipe right' method for providing feedback. Frank Smadja, EVP, Engineering, says this simple approach has made the app particularly successful with younger demographics.

CEO Frederic-Charles Petit says of the launch: 'We believe that anyone should be able to conduct a survey, and receive feedback on- the-go. With our new mobile app, members obtain feedback to better inform their own decision-making. Toluna Mobile Member App users can now visit a store, and before deciding between purchasing two products send a survey to the community asking for unbiased feedback - it's revolutionary'.

Web site: www.toluna-group.com .

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