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Lexalytics Adds Polish Language Text Analytics

November 24 2015

US text mining and analytics software firm Lexalytics has added native language analysis of Polish, giving more clients insihts into what their local customers are saying and thinking.

Jeff CatlinLexalytics was founded in 2003 and helps businesses analyse internal and external information, including social media monitoring solutions, customer satisfaction surveys, blogs, the news media, customer service calls and more. The firm now supports 21 languages, and helps businesses understand slang, profanity, and localisms through native-language analytics, as opposed to translating it into English and then conducting the analysis.

CEO and co-founder Jeff Catlin (pictured) comments: 'Poland is an important market for our partners and customers and we're excited to help them grow their businesses in that market with this new capability. We're adding over 38 million native speakers to our many billions that we already support'.

Web site: www.lexalytics.com .

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