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J.D. Power Rolls Out Vehicle Safety Data App

March 23 2016
In the US, automotive research specialist J.D. Power has developed an online app called SafetyIQ, to help auto industry users analyze vehicle safety data.

Renee StephensThe app integrates the company's own automotive data with information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and allows searching by vehicle make, model, year, age and component. It is updated daily with the latest data on recalls, technical service bulletins, customer complaints and investigations. All data is standardized through an interface, allowing auto industry professionals to spot trends, develop benchmarks, and prioritize areas of focus. The app also tracks completion and overall recall rates to provide an industry-wide view of vehicle safety-related data.

Renee Stephens (pictured), VP of US Automotive, comments: 'During the past twenty years, more than 428 million vehicles have been affected by safety recall decisions in the United States, with more than 51 million vehicles impacted in 2015 alone, more than in any previous year. With SafetyIQ, we're bringing together critical information that has been buried within piles of data to help automotive professionals analyze trends and quickly access the information they need to improve vehicle safety'.

Web site: www.jdpower.com .