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Big Data Analytics Firm Hello Soda Moves Stateside

August 12 2016
Manchester, UK-based big data analytics firm Hello Soda has opened an office in Austin, Texas, where International Strategies Director and co-founder Ben Allott has relocated to head the new business.

Ben AllottFounded in 2013 by former CallCredit execs James Blake, Will Ellis and Allott, Hello Soda employs a team of data scientists, engineers, psycholinguists, natural language processors, and unstructured data analysts who build and use software to deliver insights into consumers’ digital footprints and behaviour. Its flagship PROFILE product is a cloud-based social media data scoring engine that captures and analyses thousands of data sets and applies psycholinguistic analysis and natural language processing techniques to deliver reports and scores to be used across a variety of sectors.

As well as its headquarters in Manchester, the company has offices in Bangkok. Allott (pictured) moves to the new US office, based in Austin’s financial district, where the company has already begun recruitment for multiple sales roles, as well as an office manager. The firm says the new office will help Hello Soda service its US client base, while providing a platform for further expansion.

Commenting on the news, Allott said: ‘There is substantial appetite for Hello Soda’s offering in the US where we’ve been doing business for some time. Half our revenue is already being generated in the US and we’re forecasting treble digit growth over the next eighteen months. It’s a very exciting time and we look forward to embarking on this new chapter which will demonstrate our commitment to the US market.’

Web site: www.hellosoda.com .