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Wizer Launches Hybrid Rapid Research Approach

November 15 2016
Israel-based technology firm Wizer, which is backed by investment firm Nielsen Innovate, has unveiled a consumer research solution combining machine learning technology with supervision by research professionals and promising results delivered within 48 hours.

Wizer Launches Hybrid Rapid Research ApproachUsers answer a series of automated questions allowing the proprietary technology to construct a research questionnaire based on expert systems and a research knowledge base. Once this has been checked by a trained MR professional, the technology takes over again to distribute and administer the survey, analyse it and create a report, which is then verified by a human researcher.

Wizer says its technology has been developed to research brand equity, consumer behavior, customer loyalty and satisfaction, new product development, advertising effectiveness and concept testing in all consumer goods categories. In addition, its machine learning engine will 'accumulate research over time' to become 'a cross-organizational business domain expert'.

Bruce Haymes, MD at Nielsen Ventures, says the technology 'addresses the pain point of many marketers in 2016, by helping them get the fast, high quality answers they need using professional consumer research methodology for product development, packaging, marketing, and more'. Idan Geva, co-founder, VP Biz Dev & Product Marketing at Wizer comments: 'As a marketing research professional with over a dozen years of experience, I was tired of hearing clients complain of waiting for months to receive answers to pressing research questions and mainly, the disconnect with most research projects, which fail to provide a broader perspective on the data being researched. In today's 24/7/365 world, that's no longer acceptable'.

Web site: www.getwizer.com .