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Wakoopa and GMO Launch Consumer Panel in Asia

December 13 2016
Amsterdam-based passive metering technology supplier Wakoopa has partnered with Japanese firm GMO Research to launch an online consumer panel in Asia.

Simon van Duivenvoorde and Shinichi HosokawaGfK subsidiary Wakoopa develops passive tracking systems used to observe online behaviour among panellists across any device, with the results then combined with data such as demographics and car ownership. Through the partnership, GMO’s online research solution platform which provides access to more than twenty million online consumer panellists across thirteen APAC countries, becomes part of the Wakoopa Hub launched earlier this year to offer behavioural data to researchers through a network of panel companies.

The new Asia Cloud Panel extends Wakoopa Hub’s reach to the Asian market, including Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Simon van Duivenvoorde, MD of Wakoopa, said that the deal provides both parties with the opportunity to unlock and offer new consumer insights in Asia.

Shinichi Hosokawa, CEO of GMO Research, added: ‘Asia is truly a diversified market and a perfect field to combine the behavioural data obtained with Wakoopa with the ‘answer’ data collected with questionnaires that explains the ‘why’. With this we will be able to bring to our clients a more holistic understanding of the consumers.’

Web sites: www.wakoopa.com and www.gmo-research.jp .