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Cargill Opens Food Innovation Centers in US and China

December 23 2016
Commodities giant Cargill has opened two food research, innovation and product development facilities - one in China and the other in North America.

Ruth KimmelshueThe firm's businesses are involved in trading, purchasing, and distributing food items such as grain, and other agricultural commodities. Its new Shanghai-based Cargill ONE Innovation Center offers access to a sensory lab; demonstration kitchen and capabilities for dairy; beverage, bakery, convenience food and culinary applications. It employs more than 25 scientists, who are tasked with creating menu solutions that combine consumer insights, trend forecasts and culinary expertise to serve as the incubator for future tastes.

Cargill's new Minneapolis Research and Development Center features molecular biology labs, analytical and materials research laboratories, test kitchens, and a pilot production plant. The center is home to about 200 scientists working on projects to improve food safety and develop new food ingredients.

Ruth Kimmelshue (pictured), Corporate SVP for Business Operations and Supply Chain, comments: 'These integrated facilities give Cargill the ability to harness our global expertise, creating a new R&D footprint in the foodservice market. They will serve not only as innovation centers for China and North America, but will help our global community meet ever changing demands of modern consumers for taste, nutrition and safety'.

Web site: www.cargill.com .