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Kantar Worldpanel Extends Out-of-Home Panel Reach

January 10 2017
Shopper behavior specialist Kantar Worldpanel has extended its out-of-home food and drink purchase and consumption panels to France, Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.

Maria Josep Martínez-Abarca and Josep MontserratThe four new panels add to existing coverage in the UK, Spain, China, Indonesia, Portugal and the United States (beverages consumption only). Worldwide, more than 70,000 individuals record every snack, beverage and meal bought to consume out-of-home, and data gathered includes demographic information on the consumer, where the purchase is made, and the price paid.

Maria Josep Martínez-Abarca, Global Director of Out of Home and Usage Food Panels, says the firm's smartphone collection technology enables it to track the exact moment of consumption and develop a detailed picture of consumers' behaviours and attitudes. CEO Josep Montserrat adds: 'Our aim is to provide our clients with a complete understanding of consumers' interaction with their brands, wherever they're buying. This means expanding our panel expertise to new countries and covering new types of consumption such as out-of-home'.

Web site: www.kantarworldpanel.com .