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Cloverleaf Debuts In-store Emotion Measure

January 13 2017

Retail technology company Cloverleaf has launched a tool called shelfPoint, which tracks customers' emotional reactions to products while they shop, and enables brands and retailers to capture engagement and sentiment data at the moment of an in-store purchase decision.

Cloverleaf Debuts In-store Shelf Data MeasureThe new tool promises both in-store insight and help in attracting shoppers as they walk past. Through a partnership with facial analysis specialist Affectiva, the solution is equipped with eye-level sensors placed on the shelf area normally used to display price tags and logos, and these sensors gather anonymous shopper demographic data such as age, gender, and major ethnic group. The solution also classifies shoppers' facial expressions and overall sentiment including 'joy', 'sadness', 'anger', 'fear' and 'surprise'. Using its own cloud-based insights platform, shelfPoint then analyzes the data and delivers a detailed overview of key findings tailored to the needs of the retailer and/or brand.

CEO and founder Gordon Davidson comments: 'Online retail has demonstrated how powerful data insights can be. We've designed a solution to help retailers capture this level of data by attracting, engaging and converting customers in one of the most underutilized yet powerful areas in the store: the shelf. Early pilots have already shown double-digit sales uplift and we're excited to roll it out to retailers nationwide'.

Web site: www.cloverleaf.info .

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