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Fieldwork Agency Made in Surveys Opens in Birmingham

January 13 2017
French fieldwork company Made in Surveys has opened new viewing facilities in Birmingham, UK, adding to its existing resources in the French cities of Paris, Lille and Lyon.

Romain LerayThe firm offers both quant and qual solutions, and has provided online quant market research for more than fifteen years through proprietary data collection solutions. Its panels comprise more than 1,000,000 members worldwide (150,000 in the UK), while its online qual research software On-Qual, developed in-house, can be used to conduct online focus groups, bulletin boards and run online communities.

Located less than five minutes' walk from Birmingham New Street station, Made in Surveys' new premises offer three studios for up to twelve participants, and also include two lounges equipped with one-way mirrors, and a large reception area with a fully equipped kitchen. UK Director Romain Leray (pictured) comments: 'Birmingham is right in the middle of the country and it's easily accessible from London. It's vibrant, young and entrepreneurial while also being Britain's second biggest city. We knew Made in Surveys UK had found its match’.

Web site: www.madeinsurveys.com .