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YouGov Upgrades Reports Business to Tap 'Cube' Data

March 2 2017

YouGov has upgraded its market intelligence Reports business, through which clients and prospects can sample and interact with the firm's connected data.

Stephan HarmstonYouGov Reports draws on the full breadth of the company's research products and services, including its proprietary panel of consumers. The service covers more than 1,500 topic areas across 300 reports, providing consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviour data, along with market trends, forecasts and competitor intelligence.

The reports are designed as an entry point into the YouGov Cube, the firm's proprietary database, through which clients can analyse hundreds of thousands of data points about consumer attitudes and behaviour. Using a story-telling approach, the upgraded reports tap in to the company's new charting tool Crunchboxes, which enables users to interact and interrogate Cube data. While the new format is currently available in the UK and Germany, further geographic expansion is planned for the coming year across all countries that have country-focused Cubes.

Divisional Head Stephan Harmston (pictured) says each report is 'packed with high-quality data, expert analyses and real business recommendations exploring a number of areas such as market overview, consumer profiles, commercial hurdles and actionable insights'. He adds: 'Furthermore, our enhanced portal is designed to give brand and insight managers a fully interactive platform with great visualisations that allows them to sample the power of the YouGov Cube'.

Web site: reports.yougov.com .

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