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IDG Debuts Pipeline Activator Predictive Engine

March 8 2017
In New York, technology, media and marketing services company IDG has launched a predictive intelligence engine called the Pipeline Activator, which provides insights about companies actively researching products and services to purchase.

John O’MalleyThrough its owned and operated properties advertising network - which includes media brands such as CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld and Macworld - and its events, IDG captures billions of purchase intent signals from users each month. The new subscription-based Pipeline Activator has been developed to tap into this insight on technology buyers and the intelligence the company has on purchasing intent. Through the service, sales teams can connect with qualified buyers early on in the sales cycle at both the regional and individual country level across the US, Europe, APAC, LATAM, Middle East and Africa.

John O'Malley (pictured), CEO of IDG Connect, comments: 'With an average of sixteen stakeholders in a given enterprise purchasing decision, focusing a sales team's efforts is paramount. Pipeline Activator provides a unique global lens into the activities of the customers that matter most to marketers - their target accounts and any verified projects - and enables them to prioritize their outreach and capitalize on this information advantage'.

Web site: www.idg.com .