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Toluna Healthcare Arm Launches RapidResultsRx

April 19 2017
In the US, online community and survey tech provider Toluna has launched a service called RapidResultsRx, to help clients obtain 'quick-turn' insight from medical professionals.

Toluna Healthcare Arm Launches RapidResultsRxToluna's dedicated Healthcare division provides access to physicians, pharmacists, nurses and medical professionals of all specialties, as well as ailment sufferers - using many of the same approaches used for its 10+ million-member community. The new RapidResultsRx has been developed to enable companies to work with Toluna to build a customized template library, shortening launch time from days to hours, the firm says.

Steve Orlick, VP Healthcare, comments: 'Our team is evolving, and we're looking to the future of healthcare insights to offer the best solutions for our clients. The healthcare market research industry has a great opportunity to tap into the innovations we're seeing on the consumer side of the business, and we're well poised to be on the cutting edge of what's available for our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients'.

Separately, Toluna has recently appointed Ameesh Morjaria as Director, Client Development in its Healthcare Practice. He has more than twenty years' healthcare experience, is a licensed pharmacist, and previously held roles at Southwood Rita Pharmacy, Research Now, Xperience Health, Quest Diagnostics, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Web site: www.corporate.toluna.com .