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New Codeit Tool to Help with Open-Ended Questions

May 10 2017

In the UK, recently formed software firm Digital Taxonomy has launched a machine learning tool called Codeit, designed to help researchers and analysts code answers to open-ended questions.

Tim Brandwood, Steve Taylor and Damien GourietDigital Taxonomy is creating a set of tools to help researchers make better use of unstructured survey data. Its new cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution continually learns from users, facilitates collaboration on coding projects, and helps drive consistency, accuracy and efficiency.

Codeit was initially a joint venture between Tim Brandwood of TBL Systems and Steve Taylor of We Work With Data; who were later joined by AI specialist Damien Gouriet. The team now also comprises Chairman Ed Ross, founder of Quantime and now SPSS MR, (author of the still widely used Quantum package), and Pat Molloy, CEO, formerly MD of Pulse Train Technology and Chief Strategy Officer at Confirmit.

Commenting on the launch, Ross said: 'This is a tremendously exciting release, possibly the first really new advance in MR software for many, many years. Combining the massive advances being made in machine learning with a detailed knowledge of the MR process, our team has produced a product that I am sure will lead the way as our industry continues to rapidly change'.

Web site: www.digitaltaxonomy.co.uk .

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