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Millward Brown and Cuebiq Link for Off-line ROI Measure

May 17 2017
Kantar Millward Brown has partnered with location data specialist Cuebiq, to create a new tool that helps marketers measure the off-line ROI of their advertising.

Marc Ryan and Antonio TomarchioThe new tool integrates geolocation and campaign effectiveness capabilities to evaluate a campaign's ability to drive audiences to physical locations. Cuebiq's technology, embedded in more than 61 million mobile devices in the US, will be integrated into Kantar MB's Consumer Behavior Insights suite of solutions to help clients determine a campaign's ability to motivate off-line behavior. The tool will answer questions such as how much a campaign impacted on a location's visitation rate; whether it increased the frequency of store visits; whether people spent more time in stores as a result of advertising; and how campaign performance compares with industry benchmarks.

Marc Ryan, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Media & Digital at Kantar Millward Brown, says the partnership will allow the firms to capture the consumer behavior that occurs after advertising exposure. Antonio Tomarchio, Cuebiq's founder and CEO, adds: 'Our superior location data enables us to effectively bridge the online and offline worlds, empowering clients to glean actionable insights into consumers' real-world behavior'.

Web sites: www.millwardbrown.com and www.cuebiq.com .