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MFour and Kantar Launch Social Media Ad Testing

May 26 2017

In the US, MFour Mobile Research and Kantar Added Value have partnered to launch a mobile ad testing solution for Facebook and other social media sites.

MFour and Kantar Launch Social Media Ad TestingTheir new 'Emotional Brand Connections (EBC) Social Media Ad Testing' solution has been developed to test social media content effectiveness on actual mobile news feeds. After selecting the intended audience for an ad, proprietary technology delivers it into panelists mobile news feeds, where it looks like the rest of the ads they receive.

Initially, EBC tracks targeted consumers' natural behavior on the social media site, capturing data about how long they view a test ad, whether they turn on audio, and whether they engage with the ad by 'liking', clicking or enlarging it. Researchers then survey the test ad's recipients to measure a wide range of impacts, including brand recall, reaction to the content and caption, emotional connection to the advertised brand, and the ad's influence on intent to purchase.

Web sites: www.mfour.com and www.added-value.com .

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