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WPP Taps Crossix Healthcare Data and Analytics

June 2 2017
In the US, WPP’s Data Alliance and healthcare data firm Crossix Solutions have announced a partnership, through which WPP operating companies can use the latter firm’s data and analytics solutions for audience segmentation and insights.

Destry SulkesThe Data Alliance comprises experts from the wider WPP network of market researchers and specialists in CRM, media and digital technology, who help the group's clients assess their available data and make the best use of it. Through Crossix's Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology and patented methodology, the WPP network will be able to connect health and non-health data, to drive new insights about clinicians and patients. As part of the deal, WPP can use Crossix’s data assets for creative and media planning, campaign measurement, and cross-channel optimization; as well as to support the WPP Health & Wellness business, which uses data to deliver behavior change and better health outcomes.

Destry Sulkes (pictured), MD, Chief Data Officer, WPP Health & Wellness, comments: ‘This partnership uncovers meaningful human insights that help us accelerate better health outcomes. Leveraging Crossix's capabilities creates new understanding of complex patient-clinician interactions, and powers more impactful and targeted communications.’

Web sites: www.thedataalliance.com and www.crossix.com .