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UBMobile Launches Gesture-Based Surveys Platform

June 8 2017

In the US, mobile-based consumer engagement and insights firm UBMobile has launched a 'Gesture-Based Surveys' platform (GBS), using mobile device actions such as dragging, swiping, tapping, and capturing images and videos.

Dyna BoenUBMobile is part of consumer insights and marketing services holding company Reimagine, and was developed to give brands an alternative to desktop-only research, instead capturing stated and observed consumer data to deliver more representative audiences and insights. GBS features question types redesigned with the aim of making the survey experience more fun. COO and co-founder Dyna Boen (pictured) says the firm looked at ways of maximising respondents' engagement and enjoyment, with the inclusion of question types to 'visually inspire' and fit on the screen.

Craig Stevens, CEO and co-founder, comments: 'One of the biggest challenges to the market research industry is the decline in people's willingness to participate. With the always-on, always-tethered mobile devices we all carry, it's never been easier to reach someone - yet survey participation rates continue to decline. To stay aligned with consumers and improve engagement rates, we must evolve survey research. We must design first for mobile devices'.

Web site: www.ubmobile.com .

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