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MRSS Partners to Offer Predictive Analytics

June 29 2017
Mumbai Stock Exchange listed Majestic Research Services and Solutions Ltd has formed an alliance with California-based analytics firm ScoreData.

Sarang PanchalScoreData's ScoreFast machine learning platform offers rapid launch predictive analytics apps for both business managers and data scientists, and is used to improve segmentation, detect fraud, reduce churn, and improve contact centre market basket analysis.

MRSS says its clients will now be able to mine new data sources, modeling on its new partner's ScoreFast run-time platform, to gain rapid insights. The company already boasts eye tracking, mobile analytics, facial recognition, online communities, neuroscience and emotional analysis among its services. The addition of Scoredata's analytic tool will help consumer goods, banking and financial services, insurance firms, telecoms and retail companies to 'unlock their full data potential', says the firm.

MRSS MD Sarang Panchal (pictured) comments: 'Every company we encounter seems to have multiple strategic digital data initiatives, but tangible result in a reasonable timeframe eludes them'; while Chairman Raj Sharma says, 'With the Indian economy on the cusp of a major tax reform that is set to galvanize the economy, the alliance would leap-frog MRSS India into the next level and gear itself for several new opportunities that are set to open up in this emerging market'.

According to Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData, the partnership will give customers 'access to making sense of their data constantly and quickly, in a broad range of use cases from financial services to retail to media and more'.

Web site: www.mrssindia.com .