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Roy Morgan and Eyeota Roll Out Helix Personas in Indonesia

September 12 2017
Australian research company Roy Morgan has partnered with local audience data provider Eyeota, to roll out its consumer segmentation and data integration tool Helix Personas in Indonesia on the latter’s platform.

Roy Morgan and Eyeota Roll Out Helix Personas in IndonesiaHelix Personas combines location, demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, behaviour and values data, to uncover who customers are and where and how to reach them. The resulting information is used to predict future buying intentions and media consumption patterns, and to plan and buy media against target audiences, optimise catchment areas, and develop tailored marketing and consumer communication strategies across all forms of media.

Drawing on psychographic and behavioural data from Roy Morgan’s Single Source Survey, the tool classifies the Indonesian population into 42 personas and six communities. Through the partnership between Roy Morgan Research and Eyeota, Indonesian advertisers can reach their target audiences digitally in real-time, using programmatic media activation.

Howard Seccombe, Roy Morgan’s Chief Digital Officer, comments: ‘Roy Morgan has been measuring all aspects of Indonesian life for more than twelve years with a quarter of a million interviews conducted. Having worked with Eyeota to allow advertisers in Australia and New Zealand to reach their target personas through the Eyeota marketplace, we’ve seen first-hand the success achieved when local audience data is leveraged within marketing strategies. Indonesian advertisers will benefit greatly from the insights provided by Helix Personas.’

Web sites: www.roymorgan.com and www.eyeota.com .