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Boxclever Reports 25% Sales Growth

September 13 2017
In the UK, full-service agency Boxclever has grown by more than 25% this year, with year-on-year sales reaching £3.82m. The firm is anticipating turnover of more than £4m by the end of the year.

Kathryn BoxallThe Leeds-based firm was set up in 2010 by Kathryn Boxall, Sam Gardner and Claire Boorman, who previously headed Nunwood's Global Insight, Analytics and Activation divisions respectively. Specialist areas include proposition development and pricing, brand strategy, customer experience, segmentation and marketing effectiveness .

Boxclever says its seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth has in part been driven by its Custom Analytics business, which is growing at more than 50% a year. Kathryn Boxall (pictured) comments: ‘We are incredibly proud of the way our business has grown, through growth and retention of our existing client base as well as expansion fuelled by client recommendation. This year alone we have welcomed fifteen new clients, and our commitment to ensuring we go above and beyond expectations, providing exceptional commercial insight, seems to be working.’

Web site: www.boxcleverconsulting.com .