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Google Woos Publishers with 'Insights Engine' Suite

October 5 2017

Along with a host of hardware launches this week, Google has announced the roll-out of the 'Insights Engine Project', including six products using machine learning to promote data visualization and integration.

Google Woos Publishers with 'Insights Engine' SuiteGoogle is looking to share with publishers the detailed demographics and content information it already gives advertisers - and will now enable the former to view and create audience segments based on demographics and interests; and to use audience insights to support programmatic campaigns through its DoubleClick Bid Manager service.

In a blog Jonathan Bellack, the company's Director of Product Management for Publisher Platforms, said it would release a set of 'insight cards' within DoubleClick, giving information on site performance relative to competitors on metrics such as ad viewability and site latency.

Also among the new services, publishers will be able to import DoubleClick data into data warehouse product BigQuery and Google Data Studio. Google has also upgraded its forecasting engine, which can now automatically detect trends in ad sales, including seasonal expectations, and adjust forecasts automatically. Publishers' past and future ad revenue estimates will be shown on a continuum in a new display.

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