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Socialbakers Adds Social Media Video Benchmarks

December 5 2017

Czech Republic-based social media analytics firm Socialbakers has announced what it says are the 'world's first video performance benchmarks for social media networks', allowing marketers to understand how their videos perform in a competitive context.

Yuval Ben-ItzhakSocialbakers' offers includes competitive intelligence, benchmarking and brand performance metrics. The new video performance benchmarks can be used to compare against industries, countries and regions, and are an addition to the company's ad performance and cost benchmarks, based on live data from actual spend. Users gain a better understanding of the relationship between the potential value of video, the environment in which they compete, and the actual investment it takes to make an impact.

CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak (pictured) comments: 'On Facebook alone, live videos generate ten times the number of interactions and comments as other videos. Marketers are investing more and more of their budgets into video and we want to make sure they are not investing blindly. With the addition of video performance benchmarks, marketers can now integrate their benchmark insights into their larger digital performance analysis, regardless of social media platform, all within the Socialbakers Suite'.

Web site: www.socialbakers.com .

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