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New WalkMe AI Tool Predicts App User Behavior

February 9 2018

In San Francisco, software company WalkMe has launched a solution called Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Analytics, to understand consumers' behavior while using an app, and predict their next actions.

Rephael SwearyUsing analytics and machine learning, the company's context-intelligent platform aims to anticipate users' needs and provides help exactly when and where they need it. The new solution sits on top of any enterprise software or native mobile application, enabling organizations to determine the statistical likelihood that a person will stop using that system - typically due to a poor user experience. Using its proprietary UX product sensor technology, the firm collects hundreds of data points per second in real-time, including non-personally identifiable information such as browser type, timestamps, and details of a user's interaction within the system. On mobile apps, the new technology can also identify the physical position of the person using the app - such as whether they are standing, sitting or 'on-the-go'.

Based on the likelihood that a user will churn, organizations can then create targeted campaigns - such as offering step-by-step guidance to navigate within the system or an in-app notification for a sales promotion - to boost customer engagement and adoption. President and co-founder Rephael Sweary (pictured) comments: 'Organizations across every size and sector invest hundreds of millions of dollars globally in technologies that they believe will deliver a greater customer experience, only to find that they have incorrectly anticipated the user's needs. Using WalkMe AI Predictive Analytics, organizations now have real data and predictive insights at their disposal: a formidable tool to transform user adoption'.

Web site: www.walkme.com .

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