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Pulsar Launches Rapid Twitter Trend Analysis

April 19 2018

In the UK, Cello-owned audience intelligence division Pulsar has launched a product which provides twelve years' worth of public Twitter data, from the very first Tweet back in March 2006 until today, allowing users to map real-time and historical trends instantly.

Francesco D'OrazioInitially launched in 2013 under the name Pulsar TRAC (Topic, Reach, Audience, Content), Pulsar measures conversation reach, maps brand audiences and tracks content, while analysing the social media connections, interests and digital behaviour of the authors. Last year, Cello merged Pulsar with its qual specialist agency FACE.

The new Pulsar TRENDS solution helps users understand what audiences around the world are excited by, and how the conversation changes over days, months and years. It shows how social media discussions play out globally from country to country, and even at city level, helping marketers to understand where certain themes, perceptions and ideas might resonate, and where they won't. The tool allows queries by keyword, URL or audience.

Francesco D'Orazio (pictured), Pulsar co-founder, comments: 'We've been working for years with thousands of planners, analysts and researchers to help them find the story in the data. One of the key things we realised was missing from the market is a tool that supports quick iteration, which is essential when using data for creative thinking. With TRENDS we are introducing a search experience that combines speed, simplicity and scale, enabling a trial and error approach to exploring social media data that makes it ideal for creative strategy and planning use cases'.

Web site: www.pulsarplatform.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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