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Ipsos Unveils Fast Product Testing Solution

April 23 2018

Ipsos has launched an approach called Product Intelligence, which promises to evaluate products faster and more efficiently than traditional product testing.

Virginia WeilThe new solution gathers unfiltered consumer feedback on in-market products, combining online user ratings and reviews with text analytics and human intelligence. The firm says this allows marketers to identify which product feature drives satisfaction, gain an understanding of their product's strengths and weaknesses, and analyze how their product performs against real-world competition.

Virginia Weil (pictured), President of Innovation & Product Testing, comments: 'Product Intelligence leverages the latest technology to not only offer timing and cost efficiencies but also richer consumer-centric data. With Product Intelligence, our clients gain deep insights into how consumers express their opinions about their products in real life and in real-time - giving them a significant competitive advantage in developing superior products and finding innovation opportunities'.

Web site: www.ipsos.com .

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