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Koski Research Launches Financial Services Study

June 25 2018

US firm Koski Research has launched a semi-annual syndicated study for financial services firms, which includes a message optimization tool for engagement purposes.

Lilah KoskiKoski's existing Engagement IQ tool was created to understand how people engage with companies both emotionally and behaviorally, and uses four key metrics - 'likeability, postability, lunchability, and readability' - to identify those more likely to be brand promoters and to consider opening accounts. It also serves as a barometer of consumer perceptions, sensitive to reputation damaging events as well as successful and powerful engagement with consumers.

The new syndicated financial services study, branded as part of Engagement IQ, measures fourteen firms in the sector twice a year, and helps assess how a company's communications are impacting public engagement. The study can be customized for sample, firms included, and messages tested.

Founder and CEO Lilah Koski (pictured) says the tool is a 'must-have' for corporate communicators and marketers. 'It makes the all-important link between communications effectiveness and business results, and provides competitive benchmarks. Most importantly, the message optimization tool provides direction for companies to deepen their engagement with consumers'.

The company is based in San Francisco, CA with an office in Stamford, CT and is online at www.koskiresearch.com .

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