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New P2Sample Tools Improve Respondent Experience

October 16 2018

US-based, tech-driven sample provider P2Sample has enhanced its insight automation platform with AI-based technology called P2Perform, and says it will 'dramatically improve' respondent targeting and conversion rates.

Mathijs de JongThe firm boasts an active member panel of more than 40 million members worldwide and promises sophisticated programmatic sampling, optimized respondent experience and engagement, and AI-based mitigation of fraud.

P2 says the new technology, which will be available free to clients, can process 'a virtually unlimited combination' of demographic and behavioral markers and field statistics. Features of P2Perform include rapid identification of hidden quotas to present the study only to the appropriate, qualifying audience, even when correct parameters were not provided up front; and detection of dissatisfied users who have suffered a number of bad surveys, singling them out for highly rated, easy-to-complete studies to boost satisfaction; analysis of user data to determine individuals' habits and optimize delivery of appropriate surveys.

CEO Mathijs de Jong (pictured) comments: 'Sample companies talk about the respondent experience, but few take meaningful steps to improve it. We have enhanced our already state-of-the-art respondent targeting system using AI to find the survey for which the respondent is most likely to qualify for and complete. Combined with our self-healing algorithms to detect and quarantine problems in field, P2Sample is leading the way in the fully-automated optimization of the respondent experience. The result is a significant increase in the number of completes, the number of people who end up completing at least one study, and the overall respondent experience'.

Web site: www.p2sample.com .

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