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Yellowfin Storytelling Tool 'Takes Aim at Dashboards'

November 1 2018

In Australia, enterprise analytics and business intelligence company Yellowfin BI has launched two tools to help customers discover, understand and act on business data.

Glen RabieFounded in 2003, Yellowfin offers an enterprise analytics software suite for automated analysis, storytelling and collaboration. The new Yellowfin Signals solution provides automated analysis of business information, pinpointing changes in data such as sudden spikes and changes in trends, and alerts business users immediately as they occur. This is achieved without logging into a dashboard or performing manual data discovery. CEO Glen Rabie (pictured) comments: 'We're taking dead aim at dashboards because they fail to deliver on their promise. Yellowfin Signals automatically finds what dashboards miss, so users know what is going on in their business as it happens'.

In addition, the new Yellowfin Stories solution runs on a continuous basis, analyzing available data looking for trends, patterns and changes. When it finds something, it analyzes other data sources to find correlated information, then sends an alert highlighting the pattern so all recipients can determine if the data is actionable. Says Rabie: 'Yellowfin Stories lets you collect information in one place - including signals and reports from different vendors - agree on its meaning, and align on the action to take'.

Web site: www.yellowfinbi.com .

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