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PulsePoint Launches Contextual Healthcare Targeting

November 20 2018

In New York, healthcare ad platform PulsePoint has launched a solution called Condition Pages, to help healthcare marketers target audiences with contextually relevant ads, by category, or down to a specific keyword.

Ezra SuveykePulsePoint uses proprietary data capabilities, natural language processing and cross-device analysis to deliver a 'health-centered view' of customers. The new Condition Pages works like an automatic 'translation' service that reads, analyzes and understands online health terminology. The firm says other packages may for example identify a term such as 'blood', but the new tool can also categorize the context in which the term is used, providing healthcare marketers with access to audiences that may otherwise have been lost.

The new offering is built on top of the company's data technology, 'Genome by PulsePoint', which combines clinical and real-world data to examine the links between customer knowledge, customer experiences, marketing impact and health outcomes. In addition, Condition Pages taps into the National Institutes of Health Medical Vocabulary Resource, which is used by the healthcare industry as a standardized classification of medical terminology, and includes 3,500 condition definitions, 87,000 related terms and 232,000 supplemental terms.

CTO Ezra Suveyke (pictured) comments: 'As the explosion of digital devices continue to fragment the data landscape, our systems must navigate across devices, without infringing on personal privacy. We must be able to navigate beyond audience and cookie reliant targeting to a much more focused form of targeting and measurement that allows us to remain consistent within the mindset of the individual'.

Web site: www.pulsepoint.com .

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